Sparkman & Stephens design #757

OHO on the North Sea, near Noordwijk. On our way to the Classic Flevo Race 2012 in Enkhuizen. Picture taken by Thomas Steenvoorden, from a vessel of the Dutch KNRM.

Flevorace 2012. Pictures taken by Steven Beers.

Deltaweek 2012 - pictures of Dick van der Veer and Wessel Krul


Brouwse Classics's Regatta 2012


40 mijl van Bru 2012 - double handed regatta. Pictures of Dick van der Veer.


Start of season 2012


Here's why they call OHO a typical light weather boat. A video clip of the 40 mijl van Bru 2012, a double handed regatta, in very light conditions.


On 11 May a friendly porpoise paid OHO a visit. In the afternoon, on the Grevelingen between Bruinisse and Herkingen. A very nice start of the season!